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Labeling machine

Power: 0.25kw
Capacity: 3600pcs/hour
Weight: 175kg
Install dimension: 1700x700x1500mm
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RSL-200 flap disc labeling machine is suitable labeling flap disc with diameter 100-180mm.
It adopts automatic blanking mechanism, which is quick and accurate, with stable operation and enhanced efficiency and reduced cost. 
It uses servo to send the label, can make labeling spaced and can send the label accurately and efficiently. That is stable and fast and ensures accurate labeling. 

Technical data of RSL-200 flap disc labeling machine:
Power 0.25kw
Capacity 3600pcs/hour
Weight 175kg
Install dimension 1700x700x1500mm
Electric parts and pneumatic parts brands Panasonic,Autonics,Airtac.