Maintenance tips of Zhengzhou Ruison technology

2020-01-08 09:46:21

     Thank you for using our products. In order to promote the correct use of the machine, strict equipment operation specifications, timely maintenance of the machine, prolong the service life of the machine, reduce costs, increase production, and improve economic efficiency. According to the performance characteristics of main components of our company's machinery and equipment, as well as operating procedures such as installation and commissioning, maintenance, etc., the following explanations are made, and reference is made to the instructions.

One. Head placement adjustment

    1. Production pressing position and wheel diameter

      Adjust the cylinder and press the cylinder to the center position. (Auto screen) Enter the length of the wafer, the number of pages, and the diameter of the feeding wheel (the new one is 46. After the wear, the wheel diameter can be reset automatically based on the setting of the wafer length and the actual length).

    2.Pick adjustment

       Place the substrate, jog the spindle to zero, and insert the tape. Let the belt come out from below onto the base body, loosen the two screws on the pick, so that the back of the down belt is attached to the pick, and the front is attached to the fixed knife (the knife that moves back and forth is the moving knife, and the fixed knife is the fixed knife). Hold the pick to lock the screw.

    3.Front and rear adjustment

      Loosen the four screws that control the forward and backward movements, and adjust the motor head back and forth, so that the lowered belt is maintained at the center of the tray shaft and the middle of the front side. (Move forward towards the outer rotation head and back towards the inner rotation head) Tighten the screws.

    4.Head left and right adjustment

      Loosen the three screws that control the machine head to move left and right, so that the outermost edge of the down band and the edge of the substrate (for example, 90 to 100) are about 5 mm (the algorithm is to make the finished product minus the substrate size divided by 2 ) Tighten the screws.

    5.Head up and down adjustment

       Loosen the screws on the base of the motor head. (Auto screen) Set the film speed to 100 and set a single page. Turn the lower hand wheel to adjust the height, so that the single-sheet piece can stand exactly between the fixed knife and the base, and tighten the screws.  

    6.Position of pressure roller

       When the cut piece is turned to the movable knife position, it is advisable not to touch the movable knife above, and the cut cannot be pressed too low.  

    7. About multiple rotation angles of the substrate

       (Parameter setting screen) Generally, the value is set between 0-6 degrees, which can be set according to different film lengths. After the film is finished, the paddle will not touch the front and rear blades. The larger the angle, the better.

Two.Adhesive adjustment

    1.Adjustment of high and low magnetic opening   

    (Manual screen) Place the commonly used collective, jog the glue to compact, and mobilize the two magnetic openings on the top of the cylinder to keep it always open when the cylinder is at a high position (the manual screen displays "up"). When pressed, the lower magnet turns on (displays "down"). The ascending and descending speed can be controlled by the throttle valve on the cylinder (the upper part is controlled to control the upward speed and the lower part is down). The debugging operation is the same. 

   2. Debug the substrate induction lamp

    The probe next to the glue-coated / chip-mounted cylinder makes the light emitted by it to the substrate. When the substrate is not placed, the green light is on, and the placed substrate is red and green at the same time. Can be adjusted by the upper and lower knobs of the probe

   3.Adjust the amount of glue and position  

  (Manual screen) Jog the glue up and down to keep the glue nozzle and the substrate at a height of about 2 mm. The glue distance can be adjusted by rotating the glue nozzle and the amount of glue can be controlled by the glue speed and air pressure. The glue corner length should be longer than the stop length.

Three. Plastic debugging

   The method of shaping and compacting is the same as that of applying glue and placing the film, and the pressure of the compaction and the air cylinder is about 0.2 (the specific size can be adjusted according to the length of the film). Adjust the throttle valve close to the cylinder to make it approach slowly and retract quickly. Integer volume is best within 2 mm.

Four. Matters needing attention

    1. Adjust the bite of the new knife after changing the tool. After each tool change, make sure that the knife is installed in a clean position. After the new knife is installed, place it in the manual screen. Use an Allen wrench to slowly turn the guide rail screws to ensure that it does not touch It is advisable to cut off ordinary A4 paper.

    2. Precautions for changing the glue. Open the vent hole each time you change the glue. After blowing the vent hole with an air gun, turn the rotary valve to allow the pressure plate to rise slowly. Note: The presser foot platen must be cleaned and greased after each rubber change.

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